02 June 2014

Color Crush: Orange

I admit, I spent years avoiding this color. It always drummed up thoughts of Halloween, which of course is only appropriate in October. Now I finally realize that "orange is the happiest color"! (Thanks Frank Sinatra). As long as you don't pair it with black, orange is super sunny and lovely all year long!

Shop this orange dream: Amp, Beach Towel, Sunnies, Swimsuit, Pillow, Bike
*sandals are from Seychelles and are a few seasons old.

30 May 2014

Where Would You Love to Be?

Lately, I've been daydreaming of being somewhere else. Almost anywhere would do, just for a change of scenery. I think most of us need a refresher once in a while. Traveling is probably the one thing that gets my mind clear more than anything else. Although I've spent the majority of this first half of 2014 traveling all over the country, I'm already beginning to feel stagnant here in Florida. Many people love Florida for its beaches, sunshine, wildlife, etc; but I just don't. It has become the place where I feel stuck. I have a difficult time finding inspiration here, and it's likely due to the fact that I've been here nearly all my life. I think any place, no matter how beautiful, interesting, or exotic, can become stale to someone who has spent the vast majority of their time there. Change is good. Change is inspiring. If you could go anywhere in the world right this minute, where would you go? What place do you think would inspire and refresh you? I think France is my place. There are many places I've been that I absolutely love, (and some not-so-much), but I think I feel the most at peace in France. Wish I was there.

photo: me in the south of France on my honeymoon

23 May 2014

What A Week I'm Having!

I transitioned to summer hair this week, and here's a giant photo of my face to prove it! New hair courtesy of the fabulous Gwynne Mims.

It's been unbearably hot here in the swamp, so most days have been spent indoors staring at the internet.

Here's some fun stuff I found!

This post from Chez Loulou nails it- the one thing that keeps me from moving to Paris.

Kelly's adorable color hunt at the Saguaro in Palm Springs.

How to cook in a pouch. So easy!

In honor of the Mad Men mid-season finale on Sunday: Pete Campbell

Leah shared about something I've also been dealing with lately.

A little tour of Kate's super cute home.

Have a fantastic holiday weekend!

Pineapple Party!

In case you haven't noticed, pineapples are having a major sartorial moment right now. They are the fruit of fashion this summer! The spiky-haired fruit has been making appearances on just about everything- clothing, accessories, home goods, even manicures! Are you into the pineapple print phenomenon? I know I am!

Pillow, Mug, Sunnies, Swimsuit (similar), Shorts, iPhone caseBag

31 March 2014

French Tees

Anyone who knows me knows that I love any and all things French. Therefore, I am over the (paper) moon about all of the frenchie phrase pieces that seem to be everywhere for spring! I have actually been to the shops and tried on 3 out of 4 of the tops pictured above, but of course didn't pull the trigger because I'm too cheap to spend $50 for a tee shirt. Maybe I'll just make my own! Years ago, I made one that said "OH LA LA" out of an old black tee and felt iron-on lettering, but it's been long retired. 

Vive La France! 

4. The lovely Keiko Lynn wearing Topshop

27 March 2014

Route 66 // The Grand Canyon

When we left NYC, we drove all the way across the country in 4 days! We basically lived in our rental car, stopping only to sleep and say hi to a friend in Colorado. We smuggled our little cat into cheap motel rooms each night and drove thousands of miles through what was mostly prairie land. The highlight of the trip was definitely the famed Route 66. A mid-century kitsch lover's dream, Route 66 is lined with Atomic Age signs, billboards, hotels, and roadside restaurants full of memories of the glory days of family road trips. The Flintstones restaurant just outside of the Grand Canyon was my favorite! 
The Grand Canyon itself is practically unbelievable. It's so vast and beautiful I couldn't believe my eyes. It felt like I was watching an IMAX movie, like I wasn't really there. I highly recommend visiting at least once in your life.